A Perfect Weekend Getaway at Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

Nagsasa Cove is one of the most underrated places I have been to but I found it very close to my heart. I think it because life here is simpler and more peaceful and that is what I have long been looking for.

Nagsasa Cove | My Kind of Happy Place


It was our first time to be joiners of other groups which was organized by sir Avel who I came across in one of the Facebook backpacking pages. The trip was actually an island hopping to Camara, Capones, and Nagsasa Cove which we had an overnight stay. The package was P1800, with 3 hosted meals, which is super sulit. Plus sir Avel is the nicest organizer ever, and for that, until now, we still join his organized tours, whether its beach bumming or mountain hiking.

We had a very limited time to the first two islets and I was so disappointed as I enjoyed the beach at Capones so much, the water was very warm and it was so clear.

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Capones Island

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We had camping at Pamimi Campsite and the vibe was just what I exactly needed. Unlike those crowded places, I found a much needed inner peace and had a perfect place to relax and disconnect from the all stress and hustles of the city I am currently living in. The place lacks phone and internet signal so I completely disengaged with my phone, yay! I realized that having the time to interact with others feels great since we joined a completely strange groups who became friends at the end of the trip. Aside form enjoying the magnificent view, we spent the day sharing stories, swimming together, taking pictures and it made me appreciate the gift of life even more.



Days at provinces like this where there’s not much to do are usually longer and that made me miss living in my hometown. At night, we had the traditional drinking game while telling ghost stories over a bonfire. I guess, this is really usual for large groups to talk about scary stories during outings.


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More more photo ops

The next morning, sir Avel took us to some hiking and cliff jumping and the view on top of the hill was the most beautiful. The way down to the cliff is a little risky though but tiwala lang. My knees were already trembling when we reached the cliff so I chose not to jump anymore before my fear of heights completely dominate me.

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I just can’t really do it

Ryan did it and so does the others while I just enjoyed swimming until a jellyfish started to prick my arm. 😦




It was a short stay we had at Nagsasa Cove but it was one of my favorite weekends so I will come back real soon.

Another piece of heaven!

Safe travels!

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