South Korea Travel Guide | My Korean Food Adventure

In this South Korea travel guide, I will discuss one of my favorite things about Seoul — food trip! During my second time in Seoul, most of our budget was spent on food and I surely gained weight after the trip but I didn’t mind. Traveling to Seoul makes me so much feel at home and their cuisine makes me so happy being there. Thanks to KDramas, they introduced me to some Korean street foods that taste really good — and cheap.

South Korea Travel Guide | Eating Without Regrets


1. Bulgogi

The last few days before our trip, I hadn’t much time to eat because of so many things going on. So I was determined to allow myself to relax and eat all the Korean food that I want. Since we arrived at night and we just ate cup noodles at a convenience store, my first proper meal is this bulgogi which I have been craving for weeks. It is a restaurant near King Sejong statue, forgot the name though but it’s just across the street on the left side.

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2. Ramen, Gimbap and Rice Rolls

After some time wandering around the streets of Bukchon, we came across this small restaurant and we had some ramen, gimbap and rice rolls which are very delightful. This restaurant is located on Anguk station, exit 3. The ahjummas serving the foods were very friendly.

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3. Samgyeopsal

A Seoul travel is not complete without samgyeopsal. It is a bit pricey but because we were so exhausted with skiing on the second day and haven’t eaten much on the ski resort as the food is quite expensive, we decided to have samgyeopsal for dinner.

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4. Isaac Sandwich Stall

On our way to the bus stop for Namsan, we came across this long queue of a small food stall so we joined into the hype. They serve a few selection of toasts and it’s probably the best breakfast we had during our entire week in Seoul. What it makes it so special is that it is freshly grilled and in fact, as the kiosk is very small, you can see how they make the sandwiches. We waited for almost an hour and we get the bulgogi MVP (the bestseller indeed) and bacon best. Considering the price and how good it was, it was worth the wait. At night time, we came back to have another set of sandwiches.

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5. Korean Street Foods at Myeongdong

Myeongdong is famous for shopping but it is another good place to taste the different flavors of Korean cuisine especially the Korean street foods.

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Chicken skewers and seafood
Egg Bread


KRW1500 ice cream on a winter? Why not! 
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Korean egg tarts..taste good but a bit pricey for its size

6. Two Two Chicken

Beer and chicken are quite popular in Korea. Its a usual flavored fried chicken but perfectly paired with beer and some sets of pickles. Perfect combination after a long day of wandering around.

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7. Another Set of Samgyeopsal

Wandering around Hongdae can be pretty tiring. It feels good to walk along the streets, explore the universities and shopping but the tita in me made me easily exhausted plus it was really freezing outside. Good thing we have the freedom to eat and relax for some time!

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Another set of samgyeopsal in Hongdae area

8. Gimbap, Ramen, Dumplings, and Bulgogi

This was our last set of proper meal in my favorite restaurant in Bukchon. Eating this makes me sad because it was our last day and I will surely miss Korean street food and this set of goodies, moreover, this restaurant. But well, at least I have another good reason to plan for a next South Korea travel.

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Last set of meal 😦 bulgogi ftw!

9. McDonalds

And of course, McDonald’s! The selections and experience are different in every country so I really take time to visit a branch of my favorite fast food chain every time I am in a foreign country. Their menu didn’t disappoint, in fact, Korean McDo has the best selections. Their bulgogi and shrimp burgers are the best!


Watch this video of our entire trip to Seoul: 

This South Korea travel guide is taken from our trip in January 2017 during the peak of winter. I loved every moment of this trip and I will come back again. Not so soon but I will. For now, Kamsahamnida, Seoul.

Are you a fan of South Korean cuisine too? Share your favorite Korean food in the comments section below.

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